Damascus Anubis Stargate T (Black)

from Damascus


Black shirt with graphic representation of the egyptian Neter Anubis or "Anup" as vocalized in ancient egyptian. As lord of the art of embalming and protector of the diseased in their journey into the afterlife Anup is seen wielding a powerful energy and aggressively summoning the viewer into a realm beyond the stargate. A realm which Damascus attempts to portray through the music that it creates by transgressing the norms imposed upon musical genres through trends and fads.

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Damascus San Antonio, Texas

Pulling form the most tastefull styles in the current heavy metal genres Damascus combines the fast paced rhythms and motifs that Death metal has to offer, with a rich and unbridled sense of musicality. This quality sets them apart form the majority of local bands and makes them a unique treasure for the ear to behold. Damascus acomplishes all of this while remaining unmolested the current scene. ... more

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